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Taking Manifestation To A Whole Different Level

pray like a co creator

Sometimes people ask at my retreats, “How do I pray if it’s not the normal way we’ve been taught?”

What I ask next is, “Who are you praying to? Really?”

In this article I’m going to teach you some advanced magic! This is…

The Secret To Peace In The Ups & Downs Of Life

To find balance while being a human, that is the goal. That is the awakened state. You will never have bliss 24/7. You won’t be depressed, anxious, or angry 24/7 either. Life will not always be fair. It will…

Parental Advice — Don’t Make Your Kid’s Eat Liver!

Here’s a funny story about my rebellion as a kid around eating liver. Yuck!

I hate liver. I hated it as a kid. I hate it as an adult. I will hate it forever. I might even hate it in every…

How To Use Fear Correctly — It’s Your Friend

Don’t fear fear! I know, that sounds funny, but think about it! FEAR IS ACTUALLY YOUR FRIEND! It protects you from danger and tells you to get out of the way if danger is coming. If you are on the tracks…

My Theories About How We Got Here

How Did We Get Here?

The HUMAN EXPERIMENT. How many different humans are there? There is TON of history we don’t know about. The Vatican probably knows, but it is not shared with humanity. If we knew our cosmic origins, governments and religions would fall in an instant.

Dilemma Of Being A Healer, Leader Or Teacher Immature People Take Revenge

This has happened to me, and probably you, many times. Someone paints you out to be a terrible person when in fact that person was the terrible one, super immature, and you finally had to dismiss them from your life. They were…

The Problem With Chasing Bliss

Chasing Bliss (

Aaahhh… The pursuit of happiness. It is so elusive, yes? Here in America we even have the right to pursue it. The pursuit of happiness isn’t a right in every country, you know. So consider yourself one of the privileged on the planet, even if…

Message For The Ground Crew

Message For The Ground Crew (Image Credit: Author)

Be careful with thoughts of: “I don’t want to be in this crazy world anymore.” I hear this from lots of tired lightworkers these days.

First, be aware that certain frequencies and energies purposely work to take the wind out of your sails and make you want to give up…

Some Suggestions For Lightworkers On The Groundcrew

We may know darn well what’s going on, but what can we personally do? What’s the action plan for us little people? How can we help? This is the question on everyone’s mind. Just little ol’ me here, not a bunch of money, just treading water here, keep a job…

There Is More To A Star Than You Might Think!

Understanding Stars
Understanding Stars

Stars come in just about every color, temperature, size and brightness. Let’s start with brightness. Some stars look brighter than others, but they may not have the brightness we think they do. This is because we don’t know just by…

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