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Taking Manifestation To A Whole Different Level

Sometimes people ask at my retreats, “How do I pray if it’s not the normal way we’ve been taught?”

What I ask next is, “Who are you praying to? Really?”

In this article I’m going to teach you some advanced magic! This is advanced alchemy, and once you master this, you are going to be… well, wow! A real powerhouse for world change! This isn’t really magic though, shhhhh… This is simply knowing the laws of the universe and how they work, how to use them, and how they interact with each other.

The Problem With Chasing Bliss

Chasing Bliss (

Aaahhh… The pursuit of happiness. It is so elusive, yes? Here in America we even have the right to pursue it. The pursuit of happiness isn’t a right in every country, you know. So consider yourself one of the privileged on the planet, even if you don’t have much money or material things. You are still among the privileged in the world because you at least have the opportunity to be in a moment such as this, reading and pondering meaning.

Chasing bliss is a useful thing in the beginning of the spiritual search. It…

Message For The Ground Crew

Message For The Ground Crew (Image Credit: Author)

Be careful with thoughts of: “I don’t want to be in this crazy world anymore.” I hear this from lots of tired lightworkers these days.

First, be aware that certain frequencies and energies purposely work to take the wind out of your sails and make you want to give up on humanity and this ascension process from the old paradigm to the new paradigm. It’s on purpose, and you have to be bigger than that. Be tenacious! Don’t go down THAT easily!

Second, reaffirm your commitment to seeing this paradigm shift all the way through. Your soul knew exactly what…

Some Suggestions For Lightworkers On The Groundcrew

We may know darn well what’s going on, but what can we personally do? What’s the action plan for us little people? How can we help? This is the question on everyone’s mind. Just little ol’ me here, not a bunch of money, just treading water here, keep a job, raising kids, etc. All while we watch in horror as humanity speeds down the track of self-destruction. That is how a lot of us feel. We feel powerless to stop this train. However, are we as powerless as we think we are?

I have thought a lot about this question…

There Is More To A Star Than You Might Think!

Understanding Stars

Stars come in just about every color, temperature, size and brightness. Let’s start with brightness. Some stars look brighter than others, but they may not have the brightness we think they do. This is because we don’t know just by looking up in the sky which stars are closer to us or not. The distance a star is from us is going to be a big determining factor on how bright a star really is, or not.

Parallax — Figuring Out A Star’s Distance

The word used to describe a…

Die Before You Die Quote

So what does this “die before you die” quote mean?

There is no way around it, everyone dies. No one gets out alive. We all go through it, we all face it, and we all experience death, sooner or later. There is no avoidance of the event, even though many have tried to figure out ways around mortality of the physical body. So far, no one has found the magic formula for immortality of the physical form. If someone does, what a marketable product it will be!

No one wants to die. Lots of people want to live forever, so…

First, you are not alone, at least not on the human level. Ok, we’ve got that settled! On the other hand, we are all part of God, and it may well be that God is alone. This may be where that deep aloneness comes from when we feel it in our darkest moments.

On the human level we are all here together. All you have to do is reach out to others and they will be there for you. …

Beginnings and Endings

Endings are inevitable. There is nothing in physical reality that always stays the same. It is impossible. Some endings are wonderful and some are not so pretty, but they always mean the same thing — something new must be started. If endings are truly viewed as the beginning, there is more happiness around the ending when you are in the midst of it.

Sometimes you might feel that an ending is unfortunate, be it a relationship, a business, or some other situation you wanted to continue to hold on to, especially if it gave you joy, stability, or simply was…

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars


Mercury is our cute little planet closest to the Sun in our solar system. It is only 1/18th the size of the Earth, and not much larger than the moon. Mercury isn’t so cute when you look at it up close though. It has a high density which means it is made mostly of heavy materials like metals. It’s basically a metal ball about the size of the moon with a rocky crust about 700 kilometers thick. ­­­­It’s MOSTLY a liquid metal ball. On the surface it looks a lot like the moon. It is heavily cratered. Amazingly it has…

Angel in the Flesh

We are the angels we have been looking for. Each of us is an angel in the flesh. We are the source of love on this planet. We are the helpers of others who are here. We are the ones who answer each other’s prayers, really. The angels aren’t outside of ourselves. We are the incarnation of angels who have come here to dream the life of a human.

We are not fallen angels, we are not punished angels, and we are not “messed up” angels. We came here by choice because we are interested in the human experiment, this…

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