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Christine Breese, PhD — founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, Gaia Sagrada Retreats & Free Retreats 4 All, & "If you are looking for God, look at your own consciousness. God is your consciousness, and you are the expression of that consciousness. You are more masterful than you realize and all the answers are within you. I am not here to teach you anything. I'm just here to remind you. Together we are all on the path of awakening and together we will make this world a better place, first by healing as individuals, and thus influencing the mass consciousness of humanity." "If you are healing deep sadness, loneliness, anger, or any other dysfunction, it's time to return to your natural state which is intelligence, joy and and adventurousness in this experience of being human. Being a human is a coveted experience in the universe and you are a lucky soul who gets to be here in the front seat watching the quantum leap humanity is taking. In the future history books this will be called the Great Awakening. There are a long line of souls waiting to get in here, so cherish your ability to be here." "All souls who want to be human have to take on a dysfunction in order to be given entry to this experience. This is a work zone, an evolution of a species, in order to hold more and more God consciousness while in physical form. Humanity has great potential and you have come to contribute to that potential." "Those who have taken on some of the darkest and most difficult dysfunctions to transcend, realize that you are an experienced and very skilled soul at the task of transmuting darkness. Commend yourself for the courage it took to take on these things, and know that you can do it. You did not take on anything you cannot handle. It may be difficult and a lot of inner work, but know that you can do it." "All of you are 007 Secret Agents of Love who came here to not only make a difference in this evolutionary leap that humanity is making, but also just to enjoy being human! So enjoy your life, have fun, and don't always make it about shadow work and healing. Do it for an hour or so per day, but the rest of the time, enjoy your life! You can! You're allowed!" Namaste, Christine Breese

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