Celebrate Each Step That Takes Our World In A Good Direction

Christine Breese Spirituality
3 min readFeb 28, 2021
Celebrate Change
Celebrate Change

As you watch the world dramas unfold, celebrate each step that takes the world in the right direction! You will see those steps being taken even now. Celebrate them! Be joyful when you see another change for the better.

These changes may seem subtle and small at first, but recognize them. Have the eyes to see them. Don’t focus on the things that aren’t changing for the better. Focus on what is shifting.

This paradigm shift will unfold in millions and millions and millions of small steps. As the drama unfolds, as this play in consciousness plays out, these steps will get bigger and swifter.


Right now it’s like turning a huge ship into a different direction. First the ship has to literally stop, and that takes a while. Then with a LOT of effort it begins to turn. That process is very slow at first. Once it is turned, it begins to move in the new direction, slowly at first. Then it gains speed, which also will take while. Just imagine what it takes to turn a big cargo ship and change directions! It’s a time consuming endeavor, that’s for sure.

You will know when this world ship has turned and is gaining speed. Right now we are still in the coming to a “grinding halt” phase and only the very first signs of turning in a new direction might be showing up at this time for those who are very sensitive and can see the subtle changes. Eventually the turn will be completed and then it is all about gaining momentum in the new direction. Once that happens, every day will be a new victory for humanity as it gains its power back from oppressive forces, systems that aren’t user friendly like our economies and cultural differences, and a long list of other things that don’t support a Utopian reality.

In the meantime, appreciate the little changes, the halting that is happening. These are the beginnings of the crumbling of an old paradigm which is fighting to save itself. (I will talk in my next post about why paradigms fight change and why it is necessary.)

To keep your spirits up and your faith intact, celebrate every little good thing you see that shows up as humanity is making this change. Blessings to you dear 007 Secret Agents of Love!

Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences, Gaia Sagrada Retreat Center, and Free Retreats 4 All. She is an author, teacher, speaker and healer facilitating spiritual journeys in person, meditation online, through her books and articles, and also through her Christine Breese Youtube Videos. She invites every person to discover the genius-master within themselves!