Did We Evolve Or Were We PLACED Here?

Christine Breese Spirituality
7 min readAug 18, 2021

My Theories About How We Got Here

How Did We Get Here? Pixabay.com

The HUMAN EXPERIMENT. How many different humans are there? There is TON of history we don’t know about. The Vatican probably knows, but it is not shared with humanity. If we knew our cosmic origins, governments and religions would fall in an instant.

I look at all the continents and how separated humans were from each other for eons. They didn’t have any idea about other humans and other cultures. Look at how long it took us all to meet each other!

If you look at each continent, it looks like a different form of human was “placed” there. Africa, the Orient, South and Central America, Europe, Native Americans, Eskimos, India, Arabs… doesn’t it all seem so different? Even some of the languages look and sound quite otherworldly.

Did they all start with their own Garden of Eden type of “first settlements?” Many myths and legends of these cultures have similar Origin stories, so just because the Garden of Eden story is the most famous, that doesn’t mean it all started in one place. Maybe instead it started in one place in each of these continents. Did aliens agree, “OK, I’ll take Africa and put my humans there, you take North America, the other take South America…” etcetera.

There is the legend of the Bible where all started in innocence in the Garden of Eden, but how symbolic is that, and is it really how it all started? Just one place? Really? It is hard to believe that all humans came from just one couple long ago in the beginning.

Wouldn’t there be genetic problems with incest if that was the case? And how would there be so many humans who look so different from each other with different bone structures, appearances and skin colors if just one couple in the Garden of Eden started the human species?


My theory is that different “human experiments” were placed on Earth far enough away from each other so that each experiment would have a chance to run it’s own course until the world got small enough for all these different cultures and would eventually meet each other.

I saw this in a vision, that there was an agreement to place various kinds of humans on the earth in order to see how it went with…