Finding Balance Between Dark and Light While Being A Human!

Christine Breese Spirituality
4 min readSep 24, 2021

The Secret To Peace In The Ups & Downs Of Life

To find balance while being a human, that is the goal. That is the awakened state. You will never have bliss 24/7. You won’t be depressed, anxious, or angry 24/7 either. Life will not always be fair. It will never be perfect. And NO HUMAN will ever live up to what you want of them, no matter how hard you project that on them. So GIVE UP on that already! Whew! What a relief, right?

Now what to do? Now it’s time to ride the waves of being a human, with emotions, thoughts, and the surprise curveballs in life. You can get these waves to be less dramatic eventually, with spiritual practice and awareness, but they’ll never be completely gone. There are always going to be ups and downs, good days and bad days, and surprise interferences from immature humans, but these experiences don’t have to be so extreme anymore IF you can find balance between them.

The trick is to not take any of them so seriously. Don’t take the downs so seriously, they will pass, and don’t even take the ups so seriously, trying to hold on to them like a crab at high tide. Those will pass too. Just enjoy them while they pass by.

For the downs, maybe you won’t enjoy them as they pass by, but if you are patient while they pass by, and extract whatever lessons or teachings there are in that moment as quickly as you can, you won’t suffer while they pass by and they will pass by much quicker. You won’t suffer as much anyway.

Well, maybe a little, but it’s ONLY because there is some kind of unresolved or unconscious programming within yourself that is begging to be healed. The longer you resist the “life being your guru” teaching, the more you suffer.

So get on it! As soon as a down comes, pay attention right away!

Emotions are messengers, particularly the negative ones, and once you get the message they say, “OK, got the job done, he/she is paying attention now and they’re getting the teaching.” And the emotion is outta there! Then you are instead feeling thrilled by the fact that you are becoming empowered in some area where you were dis-empowered before the GIFT came that the down moment is!