It’s a Miracle We Are Here — How Building Blocks of Life Made Us!

Christine Breese Spirituality
3 min readFeb 24, 2021
How Life Started
How Life Started

It really is a miracle that we are here. How humanity came into being after a bunch of cosmic goo came together from nothing, it is mind boggling. Just exactly how did that happen?

Amino acids and sugars, the primary building blocks of life, could well have come from meteorites in space. Meteorites may have brought the seeds of life here. Proteins are the result of Amino acids, which are for the most part at the root of biological bodies. Proteins are the functional molecules of life.

If gaseous areas of the universe are pockets of organic and raw material, elements, and other seeds of life, interstellar dust is the container for these seeds. Some of the elements were already on Earth for life, but some could have easily come from extraterrestrial means like meteors. That said, it takes a lot of steps to get to genes, the “software” so to speak, that gives form to the elements.

To have life there must be two things. One is for the organism to have a way to extract energy from its environment. Two, a way to program itself and replicate, making exact copies of itself.

Microbial life seems to have started about 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago. (Evolution to life as it is now, if evolution is how it all happened here, has taken a while!) The software would be DNA, which is information containing molecules.

There is always the question “Which came first? Chicken or the egg?” The problem is that neither makes sense as to coming first. The proteins cannot perform their functions without the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), and the DNA needs proteins to even exist and order the information.

Prebiotic molecules might be the chemistry that made life come about. These are the molecules that could do all the functions of both proteins and DNA. That’s the only thing that really makes sense. Perhaps it was RNA (ribonucleic acid) that served that purpose since it carries the DNA to the proteins. RNA might have been one of the first building blocks of life because it could perform both functions.

Photosynthesis, in living organisms like plants, is using sunlight to manufacture itself and take in and store energy, releasing oxygen. The oxygen we breathe is actually a waste product of a…